Is The Balancing Act and BrandStar Entertainment a Scam or Rip-Off Investigator?

Published: 01st July 2009
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(Pompano Beach, FL)---. The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television is an educational and entertaining morning show focusing on helping women lead more successful lives. Because of recent consumer reporting, viewers have been asking if the Balancing Act and BrandStar Entertainment is a scam or rip-off investigator? Having received many kudos for their past segments including interviews with America's Most Wanted John Walsh, internet security advisors and internet jewelry selling experts, the show's producers are working on more informative segments.

"The Balancing Act scam and The BrandStar Entertainment rip-off investigating teams are always seeking the latest scam solutions to educate our viewers about," says Doug Campbell, Executive Vice President of BrandStar Entertainment. "We keep current with the news and then seek out participants who will provide our viewers with in-depth information on how to protect our audience."

The Balancing Act offers viewers more comprehensive coverage of important topics than any other morning show because of their innovative format and style.

"On our website we also take segment suggestions," explains Campbell. "So if viewers have topics they want to learn more about, they can send them into us and our BrandStar Entertainment scam scanners will pick up these ideas and bring them to our producer to profile companies that offer solutions to the viewers' problems."

Another key element that makes the Balancing Act scam and rip-off reporting so good is that BrandStar Entertainment is advised by Delia Passi who is one of the country's leading women's consumer advocates.

Passi trained the staff at BrandStar Entertainment and The Balancing Act and put them through testing which earned them the Women Certified Seal of Approval. This seal shows that the staff is especially aware of dealing with women's issues.

"Protecting the family is key with our audience," says Campbell. "And Passi has given us great insight into some of the most important issues women are worried about. In one of our recent newsletter segments, the Balancing Act scam issue was diet aids and if they really worked, another Balancing Act rip-off segment addressed car buying along with companies that offer solutions to buying a car the right way."

"We are delighted that our audience is responding so positively to these segments," continues Campbell. "We will be producing more informative stories and helping our viewers live safer, happier lives."
Eastern/Pacific (check local listings). Additional information and each segment can be accessed on the show's website, Each episode is also available on Youtube and google videos. For more information about BrandStar Entertainment, please visit

About BrandStar Entertainment The Balancing Act: The Balancing Act TV Show on Lifetime Television is America's only morning show about women, for women, trusted by women. Celebrating life and all there is to accomplish, The Balancing Act TV show inspires and empowers with entertaining and educational segments, placing women in the best position to achieve success in every area of their lives. The show is produced by BrandStar Entertainment and airs on Lifetime Television 7 a.m.

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